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Many times disks develop errors in unused or little used spaces. You may have corruption in pictures or documents you rarely access. Also, if you had a power failure you could have damaged the page file. So windows will go ahead and boot normally. However, it's been my experience that this indicates your disk is failing and you should replace that as soon as you can.

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I do have an external hard drive with a terabyte's capacity in my house, so storage in itself is not a problem. Installing a new hard disc of the same sort which my portable computer takes might be more difficult, though not impossible. In the shorter term, though, is there any way to render these sections either accessible or invisible to the disc check?

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Run a windows backup to your external HDD. Run chkdsk manually with the /R option so "chkdsk /r". Let it run all the way through. Then do another windows backup. See if that takes care of it for now. But, I think your HDD is getting ready to shit on you.