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Just use the cd command to navigate around from a terminal. You could either do an absolute/full path such as something like

cd /home/username/Downloads

...where username is the username of the account it is downloaded to. But if you downloaded it somewhere else, replace the whole path with whatever it ought to be.

You could also do it one directory/folder at a time by typing cd followed by the name of a subfolder of the folder you are currently in. For example, if you are in your home folder, you could then type "cd Downloads" (without the quotes to get into the Downloads folder.

To list the contents of a folder, use the ls command. If you want to show hidden files as well, do this.

ls -la

And let's see... to go up one folder into the parent of your current folder, do

cd ..

And to see what folder/directory you are currently in, do



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That will indeed help me to navigate from the Terminal; how may I then run install.sh after navigating thither?

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I've been running Mint Cinnamon for about a year in dual boot with Win 8.1 (although months have gone by since my last Win login).

I took a simpler route for antivirus protection. I just used Software Manger to install the ClamAV package from the standard repository.


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Clam was my first recommended antivirus, and I already downloaded it, as well as Clamtk (a GUI) from the Software Manage. Clam states that an update is available to install, but I cannot install any within the programme. I am not sure how to properly update it; clicking Aktuelisieren (Update) merely lists a table (I have translated it to English here):

Product Installed
Anti-virus signatures 23510

Beneath which is written, Updates will be automatically downloaded. How do I truly update Clam?


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When I run Clamtk, it automatically updates the virus definitions. I think the alternative is to run sudo freshclam.


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Usually typing "sudo" before the command gives root privileges (no need to change accounts).

I'm not familiar with wine based antivirus setups but wine sets up it's own system files, etc in a separate but subordinate interface. If you are installing an antivirus to protect the wine infrastructure, you would likely have to do so inside of wine.