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Download Rufus or some other bootable usb disk making utility. Download the iso for whatever distro of linux you're trying to use. Run the utility and select the iso you downloaded and wait for it to create your disk. Reboot, make sure your computer is set to boot from usb (you might have to go into the bios settings or use some quick boot menu, steps for that vary by computer.) Follow the installation instructions.

You'll probably want to back up anything important ahead of time but it should be able to set up kind of dual boot system for you if that's what you're after.


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For creating the USB, I recently used unetbootin.github.io

Before you begin, its highly recommended you use a program like Macrium Reflect to save your current drive image so you can always go back if something goes wrong.

As far as deleting the current os and installing from the USB, that happens all at once after you boot from the USB and start your installation. You might need to adjust your bios and disable fast start up before you can boot from the USB. You can just dual boot instead of totally removing everything, but taking over the whole drive is an option during installation