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Guys you are in an abusive relationship. You are trying to get along with someone who is beating you.

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I'm running this on a windows 7 machine, not 10. Windows 7 was awesome until this shit came over from the 10 camp.

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Win7 was muh hero after XP died fighting the great OS battle.

Now I'm only tri-booting.

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Is Windows 7 the best version in terms of not having all this data mining, key to your personal life, giving them rats all your sensitive info on a silver platter etc...? Is Windows 8.1 ok? Does running your amazing script put Windows 8.1 on par with 7?

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If I could find a *NIX that runs well on my Winbook TW801, I'd switch. I do however, have my Winbook on a different network, thank DDWRT for that, and don't do anything super private on it.

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I checked the script. It does literary what I recommend to do manually in my post plus the windows backup point plus more. This is legit, people.

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Found it Aegis

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Hey man... Can you tell me the name of this script? I'm doing a fresh build came here looking for it and OP wiped his account and comments... can you help me out?

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Holy crap, this looks like just what I need!! Thanks so much for creating and sharing this!

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Excellent. Well done and I'm commenting to save this for later.

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You know, there's a save button right there. You don't have comment in threads to "save them for later". That's kinda why that save button is there.

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We are having so much fun fighting the Orwellian nightmare.

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This is great. Any news on one that will actually do something similar to windows ten?

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Thanks for putting this together! I went through and manually removed a bunch a couple days ago but this was a good clean up for the stuff outside of KB removals.

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This hangs on "Searching for updates ..." for a super long time. It also makes trustedinstaller.exe take up a ton of ram. What's happening?

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Hey no complaints here. I don't know squat about any of this besides basic stuff. So let it run even if it takes a long time? Alright. I think I've already entered some other commands previously, and this install of win7 is original and almost 5 years old, so I think there might be some compatibility problems on my end.

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Does anyone know which IP addresses are hard coded /used in for the Telemetery 'feature'? I run an ISP and I'll blackhole that shit in a heartbeat if i can figure out what to block, and i dont care if i break the internet doing it, I'll simply blame it on Microsoft and toss a match.

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its getting to the point where we need an antivirus for privacy..

You are doing God's work..

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There were so many extra "echos" in this thing i deleted them all so i could read the damn thing. I write scripts all the time and i reviewed this thing top to bottom and it looks fine. I would not run this on a company laptop though.

There is one function of this script that turns off remote registry. If you are part of a domain the admin may have this forced on and it will turn it back on even after you turn it off.

Also, show this to your Domain Admin and if he is worth his salt he will fix the WSUS server so these don't get pushed to the domain. Or, someone like me who is understaffed and found about this late, reject the packages so they will not be installed on any new machines.

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Most of us appreciate the echos! Your script rocks, thanks for continuing to update it.

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