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They get made fun of because stuff like this is in the minority. Most of the stuff they do boils down to trolling or light vandalism, like hacking someone's site and defacing it or doxxing someone or DDOS attacks. They also make super edgelord posts about themselves and a lot of them are just straight up faggots who are nothing more than frustrated script kiddies. The problem is, Anonymous isn't one group or even one subset of people so the image gets skewed a bunch. Then you have people who have never done anything impressive in their lives latching onto the name because of the notoriety it carries which further ruins their reputation.


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I'd have more respect for anonymous if they weren't always so fucking hard-left partisan.

If they were truly interested in truth, they would attack leftist sites/agencies as often as they do nation-States/companies.


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What do you expect? The group is made up almost entirely of millennials, which are very much a liberal majority. That's just how it is. Young people tend to have liberal values so young people engaging in hacktivist activities are likely to target the right. I agree they should show more neutrality but I don't think their bias is enough of a problem to disregard what they do (sometimes). Personally, I'll be impressed when they leak something that actually has repercussions. Sure, we could spend months combing through all 18GB of this data and there might be incriminating things or at least stuff the cops don't want us to know, but the more likely scenario is that this will have absolutely no consequences at all. Sure, the police don't want this data out there because it's likely to expose at least a few things they've been hiding but the ramifications are bound to be minimal. Call me when they leak a data set that people actually care about. Call me when they leak transcripts of political speeches, or paper trails of corruption that aren't buried in a sea of noise, or information on secret government programs, or anything of value. 90% of the time Anonymous is nothing more than assmad teenagers who have access to a botnet, this is only slightly more impressive.