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You are by far my favorite user on voat. You really go above and beyond, thank you for all the work you do.

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Sorry for late answer i have problem with other accounts because i had writed too fast so i have restrictions.Why they dont allow me to post i keep recieving wait 30 seconds over and over again?

Yes i had tried to sell facebook zero day exploit its my personal right to do what i want as a founder . I do not see any problem with that everybody have right to sell something to fb or another side. Thats was old post, i was contacted fb and offer them data by submission program. This has nothing to do with my second discovery about windows 10. Thank you for your research i am glad that somebody is using my privacy method. As you can see there is no malware, and if you have good knowledge you will know that its impossible to insert malware in VIDEO file. You can make fake player or something but thats exe not avi. Everything is CLEAN and i quarantee you safety nothing will happend on your test rig. As i already mentioned WIN 10 ISO has KMS Activator which is KNOWN and HARMLESS tool and you dont even need to use it its opttional for illegal activations on win10. It can be easily deleted thats not malware. I am not here to hack anyone i am here to provide enchanced privacy method.

So there is no need for any panic, feel free to use my amazing discovery my goal is to share this everywhere. I will put this data on many forums, Microsoft will remember who i am.

If you have more questions or suggestions i will gladly help you and respond you as soon as possible