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Do not accuse anyone without proper evidence. You have right to give your opinion but dont have right to accuse about non existent malware. Do not scare people there is no any kind of malware all data is hosted on trusted MEGA domain with end to end encryption,all data is legitimate programs which can be easily checked, jpg images and video demonstration recorded with Bandicam, letter from Microsoft and ISO file from december 2015 windows 10 pro RTM

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And there is a difference between scaring someone and exercising caution.

Damn right. Which is what ive been doing in this thread the whole time, but OP seems to be hurrying people into installing his final solution against the evil microsoft, in very urgent and at times hostile tone the whole time.

Aside from the issue of it most likely being illegal for someone to download that ISO, there is no easy way for us to verify it doesn't contain any malicious elements (even if you personally didn't add them, who knows where it came from).

Someone has tried to run this in a VM already and it doesnt boot. It only boots when run on a true Host machine (according to the OP). This is suspicious.

If you would like my advice, I would suggest you modify your presentation to be shorter

I also asked OP to pastebin instructions (beyond the OP text) and they just repasted the OP text. Also suspicious.

You could instead try to help people who have an existing install of Windows 10 and walk them through the steps of securing it without downloading any questionable and unverifiable items.

Precisely why i suggested pasting the instructional material, so it could be at least partially vetted, which is why its suspicious there was no co-operation with that.

What say you OP?