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But win 10 is future for gamers DX12 coming soon, for game developers and more.

I think you are wrong in overlooking the fact that the head of the world's most successful gaming company foresees Linux as the future of gaming.

What you have shared with us, is an elaborate and time consuming bandaid to be placed on a gaping wound.


[–] Bobo_Palermo 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

I don't know that I consider Valve the most "successful gaming company". One of the most successful gaming distribution networks, maybe, but they haven't made a good game in quite a while. They'll distribute games for just about any platform, so they're not really in a position to turn the tables on MS' market share for gaming.

That said, I appreciate everything Newell is doing with Steambox and linux porting.


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I feel terrible every time I'm optimistic about something. I feel like it shouldn't be that way.