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I think the best thing to do after a few more days of collection is to gather the same information again after running spybot anti-beacon. I'm EXTREMELY curious to see what you find. You're right, no one seems to be talking about this. Everything I have found on the net is either "oh, this is what they are spying on" and "here are a few tools like spybot anti-beacon". Zero fucking reviews on whether they work or not, and it's bothering me. I've been meaning to run a windows 10VM and inspect the traffic coming from the virtual adapter, but I haven't had the time. Thanks in advance. BTW. Lol, we have similar usernames. Stay crusty!

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[–] crustyjuggler 1 points 15 points (+16|-1) ago  (edited ago)

Anti-beacon basically modifies the registry, local group policy, and disables a ton of the telemetry. I think it adds a bunch to the hosts file also. Though, I have heard that low level components of Windows 10 can get around the hosts file instead of blocking traffic.

Barnacules Nerdgasm did a semi-review on it.

Thanks for doing this!


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Can you also do a install where you don't uncheck all the tracking options for a comparision


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If you do test spybot and other tools, make sure you test over a decent period of time. When I tested, w10 still phoned home but only did it once a day or so. Easy to miss!


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Zero fucking reviews on whether they work or not, and it's bothering me.

Whether they do or not, the best way to completely cut off M$ is to block those addresses in external, hardware firewall. There. Nothing M$ can do about that.


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I have been recently tempted to build a pfsense router. Maybe now's the time to really consider it since I run wind10 on my gaming rig and laptop.