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Germany has such strange censorship laws.

Denying the Holocaust happened could land you 5 years in prison. The phrase, “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” doesn't really apply in German courts.

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That's why there's 50 Holocaust museums around the world - to reinforce the fraudulent idea of the poor Jewish victims. One of the largest museums in the Washington DC area is the Holocaust memorialize an event that happened in Europe. You don't see a 9/11 museum in Washington DC, do you? Six million, 6 million. No one ever talks about the 12 other million Russians and Polish who died during WW2 and spent time in the same concentration camps, do they?


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That's crazy. I love Germany for a lot of reasons, but their politics seem fucked & I don't think they'll get any less fucked anytime soon.

I don't agree with the Holocaust deniers, but people should be able to openly debate it, if only to change their minds.


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I don't think it's a jew thing I think it's just that Nazi Germany was one the only time's in recent memory where Germany actually MATTERED on a global scale, once they have another big moment as a country the whole holocaust guilt thing will start going away.


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Apart from the USA, what countries does it apply to?

I've never had unrestricted free speech, nor have I ever had any problem with that. I find the 'all or nothing' approach favoured by americans to be lacking in any kind of common sense or nuance.