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That would work if you could get a lot of people to do it.

The problem is it's impossible to organize that many people because

1) Mainstream media. They will never air anything like "refuse to pay your taxes until the government starts obeying the Constitution again".

2) NSA and mass surveillance, which is funneled to the level of local cops: this means that any organization of a protest can be preemptively broken up. This is almost always one of the chief roles of mass surveillance in oppressive regimes.

3) Mass surveillance means you can pin any number of crimes on those people you dislike and want to disrupt, as well as place agent provocateurs to commit crimes that will be blamed on the group.

4) Even if they did organize properly, somehow getting around points 1-3, those protests would be met with militarized police violence. That's why NYPD has an "anti-protester" group with armored cars with .50 mounted machine guns.