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Edit: So many half-wits that don't understand accountability.


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They are afraid of anything that enables the average citizen.. When some assclown politician starts talking gun control, or indefinite detainment for people who advocate adhering to the constitution, some citizen can fly an IED enabled drone into his campaign bus.


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Because all other forms of motorized air transportation require licensing and because there's no end to the number of dipshits flying them close to airports with planes full of people taking off and landing or into flight paths.


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It is, this will help catch the stupids that caused this to be necessary in the first place.


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This mandate is stupid and it was made by idiots.

I'll tell you why:

  1. Registration is not going to make air space safer. How? Do they get a direct feed into your activity? Can they shut you down if you're doing something dangerous?

  2. You're paying extra money on top of something you already paid taxes for. This is a double tax.

  3. The people who register are responsible. Those who aren't won't do this. So then what's the point?

  4. The government is collecting your information and intruding on your rights to privacy.

  5. They have penalties going all the way up to $250,000. Really? Who the fuck has that kind of cash? You're going to bankrupt someone because they flew a fucking quadropter?

  6. So, there are dangers to these drones right? If someone does indeed do something dangerous with it how will registration help in the process? Can it save anyone? It's only there to catch people out.

  7. This isn't a good use of resources. They say it's going to cost minimum $56 million to enforce this program. $56 million fucking dollars! Talk about inefficient. For less than $5 million you could just run a Super Bowl ad and tell people not to fuck around, and be stupid with drones, or whatever the hell.


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Thinking the the "stupids" will register is even dumber than this law.