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Or they might even forego the recall if the cost of settling potential lawsuits is less than the cost of the recall. Kinda like Ford did with the Pinto. People died from their faulty gas tank design and Ford figured that it would be cheaper just to settle the lawsuits that came up rather than do a recall. They only did a recall after the government finally forced them to.

" The article said that Ford was aware of the design flaw, was unwilling to pay for a redesign, and decided it would be cheaper to pay off possible lawsuits. The magazine obtained a cost-benefit analysis that it said Ford had used to compare the cost of repairs (Ford estimated the cost to be $11 per car) against the cost of settlements for deaths, injuries, and vehicle burnouts . The document became known as the Ford Pinto Memo."


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From Wikipedia: "The Pinto's legacy was affected by media controversy and legal cases surrounding its fuel tank safety, a recall of the car in 1978, and a later study examining actual incident data that concluded the Pinto was as safe as, or safer than, other cars in its class."

Please stop parroting this rubbish that the Pinto was a lemon. It wasn't. It used a common design of that era, and to my knowledge no deaths have been attributed to the car exploding solely from a rear collision. The speed necessary to actually puncture the gas tank was something ridiculous like 70 mph. If you get hit at 70 mph from behind you have bigger things to worry about than your gas tank exploding.

The "Ford Pinto Memo" wasn't even for Ford use. It was because of some national highway tort law.

"In a 1991 paper, "The Myth of the Ford Pinto Case", for the Rutgers Law Review, Gary Schwartz[5] said the case against the Pinto was not clear-cut.[25][26]

According to his study, the number who died in Pinto rear-impact fires was well below the hundreds cited in contemporary news reports and closer to the 27 recorded by a limited National Highway Traffic Safety Administration database. Given the Pinto's production figures (over 3 million built), this was not substantially worse than typical for the time. Schwartz said that the car was no more fire-prone than other cars of the time, that its fatality rates were lower than comparably sized imported automobiles, and that the supposed "smoking gun" document that plaintiffs said demonstrated Ford's callousness in designing the Pinto was actually a document based on National Highway Traffic Safety Administration regulations about the value of a human life — rather than a document containing an assessment of Ford's potential tort liability.

Schwartz's study said:

The Pinto Memo wasn't used or consulted internally by Ford, but rather was attached to a letter written to NHTSA about proposed regulation. When plaintiffs tried to use the memo in support of punitive damages, the trial judge ruled it inadmissible for that purpose (p. 1021, Schwartz study). The Pinto's fuel tank location behind the axle, ostensibly its design defect, was "commonplace at the time in American cars" (p. 1027). The precedent of the California Supreme Court at the time not only tolerated manufacturers trading off safety for cost, but apparently encouraged manufacturers to consider such trade-offs (p. 1037)."


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The CEO should have been charged with criminal negligence. Too bad that never happens in America.


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Well, I believe Tesla is so far an ethical company, but I believe that there is motivation of profit. The recall will save them from any potential lawsuits. So, Tesla has a long term vision. Lots of car companies have a short term vision. They just think about what's right right now, and not tomorrow.


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If I didn't want one before I want one now. This demonstrates a fanatical devotion to their customers' safety.


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Just a friendly reminder there's a sub just for tesla stuff. v/tesla


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Feel free to x-post it.


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I posted it a few hours before you did in v/tesla


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Do the right thing and you will prosper in the long run!