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Article does a good job of explaining this guys' illegal activities.


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He tried to stop arrests. It's Syria, torture and arrests is how bashar keeps the country together. It might look a bit "off" because he doesn't focus on 'evidence' and 'wittnesses', but too much focus on evidence and witnesses is a sign of sharia law. Bashar has a law system based on old assyrian culture, you know how you sometimes know someone is a murderer even without evidence? And even without witnesses? In Syrian law he might still be found guilty, it's not like sharia law where people go "all we have is one witness so we have to let the murderer go according to sharia", bashar is secular. If the authorities feel you have done the crime, then there is no need for any evidence, just fast and effectively execute. But writing about it makes it seem like a bad thing and it's illegal to disagree with the government. Bassel wanted to destroy the secular tradition that bashar's father reintroduced.


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Hrm... whatever it was must've been pretty bad considering none of the people calling for his release even attempt to defend them. They just say he's wrongly jailed with no proofs. Yeah, BS. Given his IT background, he probably got caught installing malicious software into the systems of the different companies he worked for - when Human Rights Watch wants someone freed, 90% of the time they are some kind of intelligence asset.