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I think SteamOS may (key word - may) do a good bit to fix a lot on that. Especially if they do something like license CodeWeavers' software for Windows compatibility - I haven't used it in quite some time but it was pretty good code when I did, and I think they have a game-oriented special version.

That said, I think there's one other big problem that people don't address - software. A lot of the time, the software that ships with the distro is what you get. You may get things like patches for security problems, but you're not necessarily going to be getting packages with major upgrades. This may have changed over the last several years, but I've always gotten this impression and I've used Linux for years. Under these conditions, .deb and .rpm software from other sources can be somewhat iffy in terms of support, especially if they're only made for one specific distribution (e.g. a .deb for Ubuntu may have a nasty surprise for you if you try it on Debian, or on another flavor of Ubuntu, or on the wrong version of Ubuntu).


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it won't do shit

it will fizz and pop in a couple years never going anywhere, nor providing an experience superior to gaming on windows.

if valve wanted to help linux gaming they could just give money to amd and nvidia to make better drivers. After that, all the other pieces will fall into place pretty much on their own

but of course valve does not really care about pc gaming, they care about money. Do I blame them? Fuck no, I wish I were 1/100000 as good as they are at making money and not giving half a flying fuck about anything else.


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This is entirely anecdotal (the plural of anecdote isn't data) but I've found I am actually getting better performance with a handful of games on Linux than I was on Windows, most notably Europa Universalis 4. Given I have an older gpu (HD6970) so the open source drivers that I use are mature, but load times to CPU load, GPU temps are all better under Linux.

Obviously this isn't the case for all games, but right now, I am getting a superior experience on Linux for a handful of games, so who knows where we'll be in a few years.