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You are using it beyond the average user. In windows when you want to do something different you are just as likely to run into trouble. The difference is that you've had time to figure it out on windows, and what you've settled with in your environment was effected by what was easy in windows. There were likely many times you struggled to get what you want in that environment. And possibly times you've even given up. Your experience with linux just happened to be doing that with multiple things at the same time dealing with it in an environment you aren't familiar with. Average users can use linux for average things and doing non-average things takes a little more work just as it would on windows. Windows and Linux both have their few not so average things that they've managed to make easy. You never know what your system might have become if you had been using linux the last 4 years.


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I wouldn't consider the things he listed as being beyond what the average user wants to do. Mice and displays are things that should "just work" as they do on Windows. I use Linux as my primary OS and it undeniably lacks the polish and user friendliness that Windows has.