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Linux sucks though for the average user. I tried it, I really really really wanted it to work as I fucking hate windows spying.

My mouse has no drivers, so i can't reassign buttons or disable the mouse led. There were some weird ass commands you could try in terminal..but ... i don't have time for that.

The display drivers are fucked so my 144hz display couldn't display at that refresh rate.

I couldn't figure out how to control the fan speed on my laptop.

I have multiple monitors with different resolutions, so need a different dpi on each screen - which windows 10 allows you to do, couldn't figure out how to do it in ubuntu or mint.

Every single one of the things mentioned has an easy to use gui interface in windows, in linux you need to use the terminal. Yes linux is powerful and great, if you know how to use the terminal, which 99.999% of people don't want to and don't have time to learn.

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Remember that to a typical user, it is Microsoft Windows that supports all their hardware. The fact that it is the hardware guys supporting Microsoft Windows is lost entirely on them. I mean, you can't even run a Linux program on Windows, and when a Windows program doesn't run on Linux, the attitude is that this is something Linux didn't do correctly. The free OS made by volunteers is held to a standard of supporting some other OS's programs, but massive Microsoft isn't held to those standards, etc.

Anyway, I do take some issue with your tone. I mean, I can't switch fully to Linux, because "Linux can't play my games". Why do none of these games have a fucking Linux version? It's not Linux's fault at all, but that doesn't help me when I can't log in without booting the Windows partition.


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It's not blame so much as reality. If these things aren't fixed, the average user won't use linux. I don't have time to complain to manufacturers about linux support and neither does the average user.


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Problem is, hardware manufacturers (and companies in general, across industries really) don't give a crap about individuals. you already have the hardware and they already made their money. And on the Linux front, it's not like you can just change manufacturers and solve your problem -- you're kind of stuck between sort-of-working completely closed source drivers or open-source-friendly-but-can't-meet-OP's-needs drivers.

Microsoft, on the other hand, requires a minimum bar be met in order to certify hardware as Windows compatible. They can then use their marketshare to scare hardware manufacturers into doing what's right for the customer and supporting them.

I don't really have a solution, but it's realistic to recognize that in the interim, telling an end user to protest the lack of drivers for their system is not really a viable alternative to having a working machine today.


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Stop blaming Linux because your vendors don't write software that works cross-platform.

Well he's not wrong for considering it in a comparison between Windows and Linux, but the explanation is very worthy of knowing.


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This depends on a lot of variables. Some hardware just plain sucks to use Linux on. Ironically it tends to do better when you're using slightly older stuff - often the most cutting-edge hardware won't have drivers updated for it yet. It also depends on the distro. For example, pure OSS advocates shun any proprietary drivers, but many distros include it anyway, and while the former is philosophically pure, the latter is more likely to support the hardware.

I have heard many stories of people who installed it for their mother/grandmother/other-technologically-disinterested relative and it worked fine. I believe them, but not every story is going to turn out that way.

All that said, I'd like to know precisely when you tried it. While driver problems are part of the nature of the beast, I have not heard of a mouse that was incompatible with Linux in decades.


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I think it tends to be the fancier gaming mouses that don't conform to standards that have this problem.


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New and cutting edge hardware pretty much sucks to use. Get hardware that's one or two generations old and you're fine. Example, Loading Linux systems based on the z97 chipset right now and it's going great. Last time I loaded Linux on a brand new board I had to put a pci NIC in it because there was no driver in existence yet for the onboard.

And after that I never made that mistake again.

It's great for business machines, which is what I use it for. I use a windows machine at home though because I game and have a lot of peripherals.


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So, do your homework. Find out what hardware works with Linux. Next time you buy a computer, buy a Linux friendly machine and get your OS for FREE.


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You are using it beyond the average user. In windows when you want to do something different you are just as likely to run into trouble. The difference is that you've had time to figure it out on windows, and what you've settled with in your environment was effected by what was easy in windows. There were likely many times you struggled to get what you want in that environment. And possibly times you've even given up. Your experience with linux just happened to be doing that with multiple things at the same time dealing with it in an environment you aren't familiar with. Average users can use linux for average things and doing non-average things takes a little more work just as it would on windows. Windows and Linux both have their few not so average things that they've managed to make easy. You never know what your system might have become if you had been using linux the last 4 years.


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I wouldn't consider the things he listed as being beyond what the average user wants to do. Mice and displays are things that should "just work" as they do on Windows. I use Linux as my primary OS and it undeniably lacks the polish and user friendliness that Windows has.


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then you can suffer with the rest of the windows "average users"

really? you cant turn off your mouse led?! SUCH A TRAVESTY.

"use the terminal, which 99.999% of people don't want to and don't have time to learn"or deal with your shitty "im so lazy that i need to have to be spoon fed" operating system :)