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Snowden for President

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You want the repeat of Kennedy's assassination? CIA will again hire some foreigner, preferably paki to justify more invasions and genocides, to do the dirty job.


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Snowden 2020, Pardon me?


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I mean, his cause was noble if you just look at it just the whole idea of privacy, but unfortunately you have to consider everything involved. And despite everything, you still don't have individual people doing anything about privacy any more than they did, they just bitch about it now because its the cool thing to do. How do I know people don't give a shit about privacy? Cause they still use Comcast, cause they still use Verizon, cause they still use Google, trusting all of those big corps to keep your data private, in the same way they trusted the government not to spy on them. All it takes for a company is just to say they are for privacy, and people will instantly trust them cause its a selling point these days.

I mean, the NSA has been doing this for quite some time. Were our lives in any way negatively affected prior to Snowden leaks due to surveilance? Did our lives improve since the leaks? Do you really think the survielance has or will stopped? No, no, and no.

I mean, you can argue that "we were heading towards a real life 1984" but that argument is just as valid as saying "well now, with more privacy and encryption, its harder to track terrorist cells". Both are a slippery slope fallacy and have no justifiable evidence.

And I really have an issue with someone who is willing to just act on a very basic impulse and just go "no, this is wrong, I must let the public know". That is kinda a rash impulse, and like I said, while the cause is noble, its definitely not someone I want in a position of power, EVER. Its like that film/drama meme of a mafia boss taking a hit squad on a group of policeman, and the last policeman left alive just pleads the boss not to kill him because he will come work for him. The boss then just shoots the guy before saying, "I can't have someone in my group who will so easily switch sides".

So in TLDR; you can't really say if what Snowden did was right or wrong, we still have yet to see the consequences of the fallout, but people like him should not be in any position of power.