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tiny little

Almost 4k people in there, and it's not even a default. FPH is similarly hateful, and it has almost 25k subscribers. I think that if enough people share an ideal, it might have some merit.

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yeah half the people in the world believe in angels and demons and talking snakes and a great flood that isnt recorded in the world's geological records back 5 billion years. Must have a merit.

Religions aren't just tales. They also belief in that kindness should be a reward in itself, that it's wrong to hurt people, that everyone deserves a chance. Would you ridicule that tenets as well?
Speaking of religion, I'm an atheist myself, but I would never want to live in secular country. I'd rather live in Christian one, like Poland for example. Secular countries have no backbone, and surrender their integrity and sovereignty in the name of tolerance and multiculturalism (like France and Sweden do).