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Democrats desperate effort to collect extra brown points and libertard points


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And we have a winner!


[–] WaitingForHitler 1 points 1 points (+2|-1) ago  (edited ago)

"Hey, look. There's a stupid racist here. Let's laugh at him. Hahaha,,"

This is just a small misunderstanding, yet media with their puppets, the liberal, would not stop trying to demonize the police. The kid is bringing a suitcase clock that could easily mistaken as a bomb, ffs. Should anyone bring a water-pistol that perfectly resembles a glock, people would be scared too.

If it happen to be a real bomb, you would blame the police and when they take preventive action, you curse them. What the fuck do you want from the police?

Can't you see what's happening here? The media is nourishing your distrust to the police (mike brown case, baltimore, etc). They will push it to the limit until one day when the police uses their gun, it triggers the public anger and just like that *snap*, they take away your gun's ownership rights.