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Wikipedia really has always attracted the crazies. I used to (and still do) have a hobby for communist related history. I really appreciate different ideas and how they mold/influence cultures. But there were these nutjobs who edited the communist articles everyday, and got in major fights in the discussion pages. Different kinds. Some would have to get banned (from wikipedia) because they were so militant and difficult to deal with. Others were just annoying and spent their time on religious articles, then went over to the communist articles and trashed them up. The Leon Trotsky article used to be in a great shape thanks to some professors and their spare time. Then in a few months these 2 Mormons just wouldn't stop breaking it up into multiple articles/pages, and making their edits as part of the original article. It used to have history in it, it quickly became a political write-up about how bad communism was/is.


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Like the burning of the Library of Alexandria, this irks me.