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I tend to prefer it actually. This way I'm fairly certain that nothing is gaining control of the system without my knowledge. Nothing's fool proof but it gives me a certain peace of mind. I'm rather used to it anyway as most of the machines we use at work are Macs and by default, you have to enter your password when making any sort of change to the system or installing software. Plus the pause to enter the password can make you think 'Is this really something I want to be doing?' instead of just firing at will and potentially killing the system. I remember years ago my brother in law was working in DOS and wanted to delete all the .BMP files from his Windows directory to make some room. What he meant to type was

del c:\windows\*.bmp

What he ended up typing was (because he was in a hurry)

del c:\windows\*.*

I was sitting beside him watching him type and couldn't get the words out fast enough before he hit enter. All I could do was sit and wait for the realization to hit him. And hit him it did about 5 seconds after the command had finished. He had smartdrv.exe loaded so it blew through that delete really fast. :D


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This actually just made me bust out laughing. Everyone around me now thinks I am crazy. :)


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Yeah, it was pretty bad. He tried to do an Undelete on the directory (he asked me to run home and phone him up so I could tell him the what the first letter of each deleted file was), but he eventually just gave up and reloaded Windows. Even though this was only Win 3.1, it was still a bit of a process as getting everything set back up again was actually more of a pain than later versions of Windows. Or at least it seemed that way. I used to do weekly backups or so of my Win directory. I think it was something like 20 floppies (it was about 40 megs total but I used compression). Then I went to Zip disks, Travan tapes, CD-RW's...after that I just made sure I had documents, pictures, downloads and music backed up. If Windows went down, well, it was usually time for a complete reformat anyways.