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Its more than likely Cisco, can't have 20 thousand dollar routers being outclassed by a linux box built for less than quarter the price.


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This is the likely answer. Cisco holds massive amounts of market share in the networking world and it has already been confirmed that the NSA has installed backdoor access in most of their products so it only makes sense they would want to close the door on open source and basically force you to use their compromised equipment.

Also money.


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Well there's already that in the form of Mikrotiks. $400 routers that have features that Cisco charges thousands for (MPLS and BGP)

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I built a linux-based router a few years back. You basically just install linux and configure IPtables to do NAT. You'll need two ethernet ports and an external ethernet switch. Wireless networking is harder - You have to find wifi hardware that can run in 'master' mode, which is rare, and even then the linux software for it isn't all that great.

By the time I was done, I probably had the equivalent of a multi-thousand-dollar router, put together for a few days of my time and a $40 castoff computer. I didn't really have a need for all the spare capacity, though, so eventually I turned it into a media computer for the living room.