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Let's not forget this is the company that fired its CEO and founder for having politically incorrect views.

This is the shape of things to come, Voat. Better think twice before opening your mouths.


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Better think twice before opening your mouths.

In the end, it was little brother who struck hardest. Who would have guessed we'd do this to ourselves. All the while afraid of those in power doing it to us... we'd put the shackles on our own necks and lock them to iron balls of "inoffensive speech". Handing ourselves and our children's futures to the ones we hated all along... all because we didn't want to offend someone who needed to be offended to open their mind.


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Don't think that the establishment is innocent in all this, though. They are well aware of the divisiveness that SJWs cause. Why do you think all the mainstream media is so firmly on their side? This is the same mainstream media that refused to cover the TPP, keep in mind.


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You know he's a goddamn SJW now right?


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To light a fire to free the world of offensive thought; so many yearn for the firemen but never realize it.


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Speak for yourself bro. I'll say fuck this or that any given time. There is a difference of while being professional at work but fuck them all and their sore vaginas. LMFAO!

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Fuck that im converting to islam. No sjw in islam plus sjw will protect my new found hatred as protecting a minority. Women should stay in the house... disagree? Shut up ya islamophobe


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Shit like this is why I deliberately lie and spread misinformation about my position in my company when posting. These sick sad sacks of shit will stop at nothing to ruin innocent people that fail to use the proper (according to them) language, much less people that actually disagree with them, SJCs are a fucking plague, and need to be smacked down wherever they spring up.