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Alright, so, Firefox has gone to great lengths to mangle the user interface, now requires you to use signed add-ons (and are slowly closing the noose around the hacks that let you use unsigned add-ons, even if you completely disclaim them of responsibility), takes add-ons that are directly linked to commercial interests and integrates them straight into the browser, and who knows what else.

Firefox's customizability, relatively traditional (but customizable) UI, relative freedom from external interests, and rich add-on abilities were the main selling points it had left. It wasn't directly beholden to commercial interests (affiliations with Google and Yahoo were a necessary evil, but didn't totally compromise it), and everything seemed like it was more focused on actually producing good software. Now we have a browser that's crashy, memory-hungry, single-threaded, and only the "developer edition" has a 64-bit build that isn't a nightly experimental (and even the developer edition is experimental). The structure is also being compromised by political interests, e.g. the SJW's that seem to be intent on infiltrating everything in open source that they can, and the influence they used to manipulate their personnel choices. After this, what's left? A cute mascot isn't going to get many users (and Iceweasel beats them there, too, at least on creativity), and most of the remaining users want to be able to customize their browser, not have it dictated to them as well as the add-ons it can use.