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It is as if the open source community has planned for this moment forever. As if they sat in their hidden tree house and said: "The time is neigh my brothers! The moment Microsoft releases two OSes that are ill received we will swam them! We will be on every message board, every topic, every tumbler. We will retweet every snarky Anti-Windows comment, and reply in a condescending tone to all that still love, nay, like Microsoft and their broad offering of products and services.

Seriously though, where did all those FOSS extremists come from all of a sudden? Why do they all think in binary? Yes I like Windows for what it does and I like Linux for what it offers. I really don't get where all this 'burn Microsoft, Linux is the only way' religious bull crap came from. Maybe it is voat though, I haven't been on reddit that much lately but here on voat, wow.


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I just asked "Why are you using Windows" and now I'm supposed to tackle this weird accusatory answer? Eh.