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I jumped ship a while ago, the constant having to keep up with anti-malware tools was becoming a pain. Initial configuration can be difficult occasionally, but imo its worth it. Linux mint is pretty good for general desktop use


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Mint aye, I'll check it out.

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Aren't a lot of games incompatible with linux? This being my only issue


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Im just going to hop on this top comment and shill for my favorite distro: Manjaro.

Manjaro is just as easy to use and install as mint, but better for gaming due to the ability to COMPLETELY disable the compositor (a thing that messes up games) as a stock feature, which Mint with Cinnamon doesnt have. (you can disable it for sullscreen apps, but everyone knows windowed fullscreen is better and many games HAVE to run windowed)

not only that, but its based on Arch instead of Ubuntu, which is almost unanimously agreed upon as being the better version of linux.

It also stays up to date all the time, unlike Mint where you install a specific version, and then have to install your updates as big patches all at once. Arch has a rolling release that always updates little bits at a time.

As a personal anecdote, I find it runs faster and smoother than mint, and has more features. It also gives me better FPS in games, and works better with WINE.


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I'm not much of a gamer, mostly I use software like AutoCAD, Photoshop, Sketchup, Traktor, etc. In my limited research on Linux, I found there are ways to run Windows compatible software virtually; does this work well in Linux, or is it possible to run these programs without going virtual?

Also, if I wanted to try out different distros, will I need to partition my HD for each one? (I am aware of the Linux Live option that can boot from a flashdrive)

PS: sorry if my lingo is off, I'm a Linux noob..


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Don't you need to run a debian or ubuntu based distro to have the least problems with steam and it's games though? That's the only reason I'm using Linux Mint. Otherwise I'd be on OpenSuSe