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There is a story taken as fact.

That $500 million was natively invested in a dueish college kid who had no work experience. To make a social network site...

10 years later it was still running at a loss. But it was destroying social fabrics...

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i would argue it is the fact that when only one side of an opinion can be heard only propoganda can exist



[–] Malayar ago 

we don't live in a democracy


Are we not a republic anymore?

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Unfortunately, most are too stupid to realize we’re a republic and what the difference even is. Schools are busier teaching faggitude and pandering to tranny perverts than actually teaching history and non-niggerfied math.

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You are dumb. You stand upon hubris and cannot see the irony.

Republic Means NOT A FUCKING MONARCHY led by representatives. Nazi germany was a republic. Stalin ussr was a republic.

Republic has so little meaning that it's near useless.

Meanwhile usa is absolutely a fucking democracy.

Can you be taught?


you hit the nail right on the head Bear!