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So 29% are delusional idiots

Good to know

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Or they just don't speak English.

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Or Yiddish

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Recently left a cushy gig because of the propaganda pushed on big tech employees every fucking day. Fuck big tech!

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How did the techies become so communist?

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It's a good question. Part of it for sure is isolation, it's cushy, your average programmer doesn't really need to think about or worry about very much. At least compared to your average wage slave.

Consider that the jobs are fairly coveted, we're talking about the jobs sjws want. They targeted the industry and shamed a lot of people out of their roles, in order to infiltrate it. They weren't going after jobs in coal mines.

Right from the beginning too, if you go back a ways. The original tech industry leaders were fucking nerds. The people in high school who couldn't get along with anybody and essentially couldn't participate in society. Turned inwards and onto computers. Those same social outcasts ended up creating the tech industry and still hold sway over a lot of money today.

They aren't smart enough to be able to have friends so it makes sense to me they're dumb enough to believe whatever they are told. Therefore they're left wing, and nobody can really challenge them on it because they don't have to worry about it.

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Also look at who is doing & getting the funding. Which directly relates to who gets the exec positions, board positions, and implements the leftist directives. How many of the VC are run by (((them)))?

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In short "Stallman was right"

Basically passwords and code repo management and pull requests and code review and deployment processes have turned what used to be done by 2 sweaty beardos in a basement making obscure in-jokes and flying by the seat of their pants late into the night into a multi-culti hell hole of middle mangers, time-tables, buzzwords and hipster douches. Sweaty beardo still does all the hard stuff but he has no decision making power, is busy doing the work of three people and is in constant threat of being replaced by some visa slave. Computers aren't tools for engineers anymore, they are tools used to enslave engineers.

Programmers are based usually (the actual devs not the paint-by-numbers hipsters), they all understand that the more complex you make something the more difficult it is to manage and maintain, they can all clearly see the power centralization in big tech, they know that the entire thing is a house of cards held up with spit and duct tape, they've all been shit on and betrayed by these corporations time and time again.... They are smart people and they have to be pragmatic, realistic and competent to succeed. The problem at Google isn't James Demore, it's the management. Dev's don't get to become managers (even though they are the only people who actually understand the entire system a low level), they are always more valuable when slinging code.

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I suspect a combination of ivory tower and appeal to authority. 99% of techies do not invent, they just follow the rules. Follow the language syntax. If you run into a problem, just search for it and copy&paste what someone else did to solve it. Everything they do comes from an authoritative source. Programming books, websites, examples... They don't have to disseminate what is true or false because it is self-evident. It either compiles and solves the issue, or it doesn't. Then they apply this thinking to everything else they see. "The authoritative source says this, so it is so".

Combined with a relatively high pay and simple career growth (keep programming and don't fuck up and you get promoted) they get a wicked ego. So now they have binary/black&white world view and inflated view of their mental ability. So poorly formed ideas that "work" on paper, or even come from authoritative sources (((msm media))) become the obvious solution to them. Universal income, socialism, diversity hiring, etc. They just never do the research that might disprove what they are told & it's all reinforced in the tech echo chamber.

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Interesting theory

[–] noob_tube ago 

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I left IT because I couldnt take all the trannies and soulless NPC soyboys and women managers and useless diversity hires and the fact that if you even hint into not enthusiastically buying the whole leftist world view you end up on some faggots shitlist.

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What do you think is the real % of liberals in tech businesses? Not buying the 71% conservative.

[–] kidcip16 ago 

Probably 90%. But hard to say since if you are conservative you keep your mouth shut unless you are alone with someone you know is conservative.

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Seems like you could literally re-create Silicon Valley at a different location practically overnight, without the innovation-and-productivity-killing pozz. aspects.

Literally 71% of the population would displace there just to be free of the political shit and get back to work improving shit rather than finding all new ways to gum up the works with agenda-based nonsense.

Keep the baby. Throw out the dirty bathwater.

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COVID is kind of doing that. These tech companies will allow more employees to work from home, thereby allowing the employees to stay away from the company's political agenda.

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and HOW did that happen EXACTLY??? I mean it's just about militant. I can't find a contract anymore, even though I've had a distinguished career up to this point (ticked ALL the skill boxes (rare) in last interview, passed up with NO explanation (can't get them to tell me why)). At the POINT in MY career where I should be a BOSS, I'm abandoned. and FOREIGNERS (which is TRUE, but the media makes it seem like I'm a dumb redneck for saying that) are TAKING OUR JOBS!!!

Gonna be DEATH for TRAITORS. I can GUARANTEE YOU THAT. I just gotta figure out a way to get my hands around their necks and not hurt ANY innocent people.

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(ticked ALL the skill boxes ...

You didn't tick the "not white" box, so ... that was an instant "no" from HR's trannyfaggot.

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EXACTLY, and NOT INDIAN (the HIRING manager was an Indian).

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Just say that you're identifying as a black woman and you're automatically a double minority.

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imagine my shock

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