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Greenwald, the Jew, is a leftwing Democrat servitor. He says the Hunter Biden laptop story is "overblown." No, Jew, it is not overblown. It is under-reported.

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https://dontvis.it/https://theintercept.com/2020/10/15/facebook-and-twitter-cross-a-line-far-more-dangerous-than-what-they-censor/ :

2020-10-15 | Facebook and Twitter Cross a Line in Censorship

'The rationale offered by both Twitter and Facebook to justify this censorship makes it more alarming, not less. '

'That is what the Twitter policy, taken on its face, would require. '

'But the Post, for all its longevity, power and influence, ran smack into two entities far more powerful than it: Facebook and Twitter. '

'Then there is the practical impact of Twitter and Facebook uniting to block content published by a major newspaper. '

'Facebook and Twitter have in the past censored the content or removed the accounts of far-right voices. '

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(((Greenwald))) ...

Controlled oppo.

Burn that kike.