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How bout home battery to store excess energy and cut the line to electric utility. Now your self sustaining

Article even says only ones benefiting are solar panel makers and homeowners buying them...utilities mad they losing out hahaha

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I ran my own numbers from their calculators, and the best case scenario, if I were to triple my usage (their assumption of my usage was 3x actual) is a 12 year payback. That's including all subsidies, and not counting any maintenance, insurance increases, or replacement of malfunctioning parts, and assuming that nothing dropped below the 80% degradation rate. Also I'm in the upper midwest where snow and hail are frequent.

Scam level bullshit.

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solar panels have a limited life time and require a large up-front expense.

so the average homeowner borrows to buy and install them, storage batteries and inverters(they only produce DC)

add quite a bit to the initial expense.

so by the time you have to replace them you've already spent so much money it's cheaper just to buy electricity.

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LOL. Fuck big electric. I wonder how much it costs in KWH to get a hit piece like this published?

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Why would they pay anything. Run your own numbers and do your own research. Solar is a scam for homeowners.

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That isn't what the article says at all. It's a good deal for the individual and a bad deal for big electric. You don't even read what you are shilling, do you?

Solar water pre-heaters should be mandatory in the US and photo-voltaic panels are in everyone's future.