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"they stress that the newfound compound will never find its way into lossless power lines, frictionless high-speed trains, or any of the revolutionary technologies."

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That's always how this shit goes, and I've kind of just become accustomed to the cycle at this point. The way the pop science media will report it is sort of like the function Elon Musk serves in society: a prop. A guy who sort of sets the future-vision of the society like the old World of Tomorrow segments used to do.

When these experiments are reported on in the public, it won't be talked about how contrived the conditions were, how commercially unfeasible the system is, and that when all was said and done, it probably required orders of magnitude more power input than what it prevented the loss of. The possibilities are huge, and the achievement by itself is important. But we're still only getting the effect in matter at states that are completely irrelevant for mankind.

Cue the articles: "Scientists discover material that could be the key to doing exactly what they say it won't do, literally, right in the text."

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in a society in which scientists arent bound to create products, but are free to explore to widen their knowledge and understanding, only in such a society can true progress happen!

Yes! I too hate fucking media hyperbole bullshit! But i know enough of the science to celebrate every single new discovery, as small as it may be!

I just wish there werent so many jEWs in Academia...

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And yet that's exactly what you will see claimed in every single science mag/journal/PRoutlet.

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So doesn't matter. This is the biggest technological advancement since the transistor.

All they have to do is figure out why the pressure works how it does.

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They probably know why(ish). Hence, the experiment.