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Only fascists and nazis defend their country (twitter)

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I'm not sure what a Nazi is but I'm pretty sure I'm one of them because I keep seeing people saying "if you ____ then you're a Nazi" and I always am that thing.

If you this trannys are gross you're a Nazi

If you think niggers are stupid you're a Nazi

If you think white countries are for white people you're a Nazi

If you think communism bad you're a Nazi

If you don't want Medicare for all youre a Nazi

If you believe in an ethnostate then you're a nazi

If you believe in eugenics you're a Nazi

Yeah so I'm totally a Nazi. Is it some kind of club or something? Where are the meetings?

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She Warned us about the "The Agenda" :

The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan: White Genocide by Design


(2 other related links deleted by kikes in 2020 late july): shoahed by jews !:)



ironically SAVED from jew deletion for now on (((archive.org))) :



Save those now before the kikes delete their plans off archive.og too! (archive.org does delete 'hate thought')

She was warning us about the Jews plans of destruction in store for USA by the Democrats.

She had to be shoahed by (((Twitter)))

"Shut it DOWN! The Goyim know! They are onto us!"




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The funny thing is what happens when you ask a liberal if they support the rights of illegal immigrants all throughout history. "What do you mean?" they'll ask. That's when you drop the bomb on them: "I mean like when the first illegal immigrants showed up at Plymouth Rock and Jamestown. The people already living there didn't want them there, but the illegal immigrants were just there looking for a better life. Do you agree that those illegal immigrants had just as much right to make their homes there against the will of the people already living there as illegal immigrants do today?"

This will bluescreen their mind. Eventually they come back with some variation of: "if the Pilgrims were allowed, then why not illegal immigrants today?" That's when you ask them if they're familiar with the final result that wave of illegal immigration had on the population that was already living here when those illegals arrived. They may or may not need help recalling things like the Trail of Tears and the creation of Indian reservations. Then you can ask them if they support stopping the cycle of violence, or if they're in support of perpetuating the cycle.

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Sadly I don't think it would work. The Left is openly anti-White and pro-revenge now. They want a Trail of Tears for White people, for White people to be raped, whipped, and enslaved by Blacks, and for White people to be put into camps. Because for the Left, that's equality. They unironically believe that the morally right thing is for Whites to suffer at the hands of non-Whites.

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For the purposes of arguing, it's good to draw that out of them.

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I dont think it'll work. Theyll be just say its different now.

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"We was just bringin' diversity and sheeit."

-- The Mayflower Families.

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LEts be honest, liberals just want their compliant slaves just like they did a hundred years ago. And they will get them, be it mass immigration or legal slavery, they dont give a fuck

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Hate for America is the very definition of "the left". There are no more liberals on the left, only communists.

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Totalitarian cultists.

Which includes communism and much more.

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When the jewish ADL became twitters “safety partner”

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If we had a CIC who wanted to make America great again he'd do something about this.

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Hatred of evil is VALID. ANYONE who bans hatred IS EVIL. PERIOD. Especially, when it's ONLY the hatred THEY hate, but THEIR hatred is OKAY.

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Twitter loves hate speech, as long as it is directed against white people.

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