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Nice, now people can find my channel.


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Dude, you're one of the funniest channels on the internet! I laugh my ass off at so many of your videos!!!!

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"No matches were found." for his funny "The Nest Of Jews"


BitShit admins on voat.co downvote these revelations of mine, as you will see.

Bitchute wants to delete or hide his videos like they have to over 1 thousand videos SPLC and ADL complained about so far.

Bitchute also deleted science videos by scientists discussing the low african IQ and DNA IQ.

There is only one known legal free speech website left on earth, and you are using it right now.

BITSHIT JUST HID Black Crimes Matter channel from searches this hour?! (using default blank box search)


Proof! This is what I got when searching for this exact phrase on BitChute :





or "Black Crimes Matter"

I got these 5 results and none are the funny and infamous @SporadicX2 channel!

look :


BITSHIT.com JUST ShadowBanned his Channel AGAIN!?

I feel it ought to include CHANNELS in video searches, just like every video site does.

This video is deleted by jews :

"Race, Genetics and Intelligence | Richard Lynn and Stefan Molyneux"


no results, but was once : https://www.bitchute.com/video/wUnAeLYrgB0U

Hidden in todays search on BitShit :

4 Syllables: "RACE & IQ" (race-realism, white-identity, Jared Taylor)


no results!

no results, but was once : https://www.bitchute.com/video/d6tdLtk7Ju28/

Those two were tame SCIENCE videos!!!! SCIENCE!!!

For a year BitShit marked them invisible "NSFW" and had a "[SENSITIVE CONTENT WARNING]", because science facts are sensitive. Then a year later BitShit DELETED both, first from search, then from link at all, as I showed.

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Thanks for watching, I appreciate it.

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That's you? I'm one of your biggest fans!

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Yes, I made this account before I started the BCM channel. Thank you for watching my videos, I wouldn't be making them if I did not have an audience.

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Are NSFW vids only shown to loged in users?

I cant register on BitChut, never got the confirmation Mail.


The Fire Rises is a nice channel too, mad by the anon that posts the Black Crimes against whites on kun.

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You can see NSFW videos without logging on, you just have to click the 'Some videos are not shown due to your current sensitivity settings, click here to show them.' button.


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Didn't work for me. Can't find that channel

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Try using the 'Search Channels' dropdown box.

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Thank christ, can't believe it took them this long to improve it. It's such a fundamental feature to have. You could type the actual name of the channel and it still wouldn't fucking bring it up. Great news, hope they can manage the site growing now. All the good shit is on there, youtube is fucking bitch made.

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this is actually massive. it was so fucking awful that i basically didn't use bitchute unless i already knew the title of the video.

the most infuriating thing for me personally about it is the search didn't even reflect the lengths of the videos before this update. it was the most useless fucking search function, i swear.

this is huge. can maybe finally, finally drop jewtube entirely.

[–] obi ago 

still broken on bitchute.

many videos on bitchute are hidden completely if they offend jews EVEN IF YOU SPELL CORRECTLY:


"No matches were found." for funny "The Nest Of Jews"...


the search fails specific literal perfect spellings, if the ADL or SPLC lodges a complaint

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The search aglorithm still needs improvements. If you just type in "jew" you get plenty of results. Same thing with typing in "George Floyd Bodycam". You get 0 results unless you just type "George Floyd" instead. Nothing to do with censorship.

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Can I run the app WITH THE MOTHERFUCKING SCREEN OFF? nope. Fuck them then. Newpipe it is.

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OPTION A: Try the BitSlide App (Android-only).

  • play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=uk.co.rbinesconsulting.bitslide

OPTION B: Try the Brave Browser (Android or iOS). To listen to BitChute videos while your smartphone screen is locked, go to: Settings > Controls / Site Settings / Media > "Background Video Playback". Also, turn off the “power saving mode”.

[–] ManchesterT ago 

I installed and use the Brave browser exclusively to play Bitchute audio when my phone is locked

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Free upgrades for them now that they are compromised.

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I'll plug goyimtv.tv here for those looking for spicy banned vids that are either gone from bitchute or will be eventually.

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THANKS!!! I heard over 1,000 jew-enraging videos so far are forever deleted from BitChute and more every week.

[–] noob_tube ago 

I had not heard of this.

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About time.

Their existing search was garbage.

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nice, now can they improve all the videos.. 99% of them are videos talking about other videos

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