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Apple deserves anything they get hit with. So tired of Tim Cook’s SJW activism. Everywhere you look they’re cramming BLM down everyone’s throats and promoting pedophiles like Oprah and Hanx on their tv services. Steve Jobs wasn’t a saint but I sure do miss him and how he ran the company.

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Tim Cook is a disgusting parasite who rides on the prior achievements Apple made and has made no meangingful contributions of his own. The company will be making a smart decision when they finally get rid of him.

[–] PygmyGoat ago 

Yep that’s what happens when you put a logistics person in charge that has no creative vision. I wish they would ax him sooner than later.

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>Apple walled ecosystem


>40% Tencent (aka China) funding looking to upend Apple's entire financial shakedown

What does a lose-lose scenario look like in this case? Because that is what I am hoping for.

[–] Social_Construct ago 

Apple doesnt allow any currency exchange to happen on an IOS app without taking a piece, fortnite tried to circumvent that. No matter how far removed apple is from the actual transaction they still have to take a piece