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and the programming for youtube music is complete ass. i have 4000 songs and it list s 40 at a time..

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Most artists have a site to buy their physical media. I'd say that's a much better way to support them than buying a digital copy with loses them a larger cut, and you can potentially lose

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True, but a lot of these groups only sell through Play or Amazon (2nd Carolina String Band, for example), and while I'd rather not give money to either, Google Play is more readily available on at least one of my devices.

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Not bad, but most of the stuff I'm looking for is traditional American music: hymns, folk, and the like, up to and including the jazz era. I really like groups that focus on period correct interpretations of the music instead of making everything sound like a ballad.

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You already use archive.org ? Last I can think of is any cheap russian music sites that sell an album for about a dollar, or 10c a track. They're not legal, but not illegal either. Couldn't find the one I frequent though, so it's just an idea.

edit: Found it mp3million