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She's an expert on everything cause she fucked a rich con artist.

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she or he?

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They are due for a reckoning for censoring too much, actually.

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Hey Melinda, Go Fuck your own ass.

Being a sociopath’s whore doesn’t give you any authority at all.

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Realizing that half of those billions piled up are hers, Melinda begins to think she's smarter than everyone else, and tries to use power money to impose her will on everyone like she does to her Mexican maids . . .

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They are getting one now with all the the celebrities not posting anything for a day on Instagram. Imagine their commitment. Hundreds of consummate narcissists not taking about themselves for a whole day.

Seriously though, just like four years ago these "influencers" are demanding one side be censored, while the other posts whatever lies they want. Truly disgusting.

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I hear the sound of a guillotine slowly getting louder.....

[–] Usernamenameuser ago 

Thats the sound of the blade being sharpened.