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She wants Facebook to police the content. I applaud her action but not her reasoning.

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It never fails.

Any platform, anything that tries to appeal to these people will only get fucked more than if they never even considered it.

[–] JTMTL ago 

Much agreed.

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FB is up 2.3% for the day right now.

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As one Zerohedge commentor wrote:

OH MY GOD, THE MARKET IS CRASHING AND FACEBOOK IS TUMBLING!!!! Oh, wait! Just checked, FB is down 1% at the same price it was trading at 10:45 TODAY and the Nasdaq is up more than 1%... STFU Tyler... Everyday the same story here at ZeroHedge: "OH MY GOD THE MARKET IS CRASHING", but, really, nah...

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Zerohedge infers she's a vapid media whore, proceeds to publish photo of her in a bikini lol!

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Nobody gives a fuck about that stupid bitch "but muh internet followers" a bunch of nobodies, sock puppet acounts and spam.

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So, Biden voters then . . .

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can't wait to see if these 67 million will follow her and give their social media lives. it ain't stupid if it works.

[–] RoBatten ago 

They will probably follow her into the gates of hell. But NONE of them are giving up their FB accounts . . .

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Sounds anti-semetic.

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high five Kim

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