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Google says they will not USE the kids data. They never said they would follow the law and not COLLECT it. The same actions are.violations of FERPA (educarion privacy law) in the USA.

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FERPA is toothless bullshit.

Educational institutions are forbidden from releasing non-public information, but the university decides what information is public.

They're also allowed to implement blocks in an all-or-nothing manner: Don't want us selling your mailing address? We won't acknowledge that you ever attended the school.

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So Jewtube will pay Jewish lawyers to go to court, if they lose they pay the plantiff's Jew lawyer fees, and it's all a wash. What does this accomplish?

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The (((lawyers))) get rich . . .

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Susan Wojcicki is a junkie drug addict. Meth whore.

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Kek they can afford to pay that ten fold and it wouldn’t make a dent. This also doesn’t include shit like Elsagate and pedo content on the YouTube Kids Platform. These kikes deserve nothing less than a bullet.

[–] Nekketsu ago 

Fucking hell, all this will do is just make them tighten up their "Youtube Kids" bullshit.

Can't even look up clips of old cartoons anymore without the pajeet algorithm throwing it into the Finger Family void.

[–] RoBatten ago 

I wonder who is using that data . . .

[–] Hypercyberpastelgoth ago 

I hope YouTube has to shut down in bankruptcy because of this lawsuit. It's open season on Susan Wojcicki and YouTube. Your days of teaming up with the US Marshals and FBI and harassing me are over you dirty Jews.

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That's not likely. Youtube earns more than that in a single quarter.