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Is it a conspiracy theory if people are being arrested for it?

Also the "climate change" driving this magically stops at our borders.

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Climate change sure is strange. One week there are hurricanes, next week it's raining Molotovs and fireworks 100 yards from the main roads.

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It’s a text book conspiracy people. A bunch of people purposely doing fucked up shit. If it was one person starting fires then it wouldn’t be but it’s a concerted effort

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People come up with conspiracy theories every goddamn day. If literally NONE of the arson/Antifa reports are true, why is the FBI and Facebook suddenly so interested in this specific "conspiracy theory"?

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They should be classified as publishers and lose their Section 230 protections. How in the hell can they keep denying they are curating content when they are controlling narratives so closely?

[–] heretolearn ago 

We keep letting it happen

[–] RoBatten ago 

The UniParty keeps letting it happen . . .

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While actual people got arrested. But you know, faceberg knows the truth so are allowed to surpress muh fake news

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Remember when the FBI knew Trump wasn't colluding with Russia frim the beginning,so they immediately went to the press to demand the public stop spreading rumors? Me neither. In fact, they did the exact opposite. They flamed conspiracy theories,hid their participation,and outright exonerated the perpetrators while arresting Trumps associates for unrelated crimes.

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If they spent as much effort putting out the fires as they do defending antifa the air quality over here wouldn't be coal mine levels of toxic.

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why? i mean seriously why the fuck would the fbi be fighting this rather then investigating this. It makes zero fucking sense unless they are truly controlles by a deep state bolshivik communist agenda

[–] QANQN ago 

DQ 17 Q+

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