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Its all thanks to Wakandan engineers and scientists who risked their lives while trying to get to Europe in a dinghy. Thanks niggers, youre the best!

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I thought stem cells solved this problem already?

[–] QueensNewYorkGuy ago 

Elon Musk is coming out with something like this. Needs a video.

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It's no gene splicing but it'll have to do. I'm a little spooked of when technology like this becomes "mass producible" in this day and age because chances are your exoskeleton could be made of cheap plastic for all we know.

Still, I'm glad for the guy.

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Who else wants a brain linked mech suit?

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Ever since watching Exosquad as a kid.

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Hell yeah Exosquad was great.

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"Get away from those stem cells, you bitch!!!"