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Because faceberg knows the truth already I guess

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They do. They make it up every day at 4am.

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They seem awfully confident in censoring out information in such speed.

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They were just as confident peddling shit we knew was fake.

It is the holocaust all over again: The efforts they go to punish people for inquiring on the details only reinforce they are hiding compromising information

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Can we all admit we’re already in a communist state where information is concerned?

A fire chief and sheriff’s deputy have already been pushed out due to a “narrative” that has been proven true. Plus, no one did anything about the Ring of Fire group I imagine (I don’t have FB).

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"We are in a communist state. If you're reading this, you are the resistance." cue guys in leather jackets running around in the woods yelling "WOLVAH-REEEEEENS!"

[–] TheFlameOfTruth ago 


[–] NarrativeControl ago 

I'm not American but my computer can connect to any arbitrary IP address without issues so far. I doubt it's any different in the US.

We're not in a communist state yet. Sure, we're heading there but you haven't seen "real" communism yet. Prepare your anus.

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Anyone using FB is not a friend or family member of mine. If I'm dating a lady using it then it will go nowhwere. I'll enjoy our time but always be looking for something better. If I'm at work and I see it I just pretend I'm a normie but I will not ever trust anyone that uses it. They are immoral and the app itself is highly censored and pro pedophilia and anti american and anti white. I make exceptions for people just using it for gaming groups or to appear normal but anytime I see someone making social posts or chatting about gossip, that's a data point for me. If their wive does it then they're involved too. I know it sounds extreme but anyone's wife on that, she wears the pants and anything you tell him you tell her and anything she knows you might as well put up a fucking billboard around town. I keep all of them at arm's length. I don't waste my energy on hating or judging them and I am very social in different but anyone still wrapped up in that and supporting that, we're not gonna ever be good friends.

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Betchya if I make a meme accusing the KKK, Nazi, or Alt Right of starting it, it won't be taken down.

[–] captainstrange ago  (edited ago)

Betchya if I make a meme accusing the KKK, Nazi, or Alt Right of starting it, it won't be taken down.

Forces them to admit their bias.

Opens them up to a lawsuit.

Do it.

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Be a gosh darned shame if facebook was set on fire.

They are the wealthy one percent and all that so, they must be protected from those who say they resent the ultra wealthy one percent.

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Be a gosh darned shame if facebook was set on fire.

All major web companies have pushed Work From Home on their employees using COVID-19 as the excuse.

The reality is that they actually are scared of something like a mass shooting or a particularly placed bomb that will now only take out their "essential" workers, janitorial, OPs, while their star developers that keep everything running are kept off-site.

The same goes for the actual content. Destroying the machines in these places will do nothing because all the data is spread out on AWS instances, load balanced across 3-4 server farms nationwide, everything in redundancy.

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Kill yourself for using failbook

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Network effect. What's the alternative? Email isn't the same.

I'm sure lots of people use facebook only because lots of people use facebook. Voat is great for talking to random people from who knows where. Here we're talking about real world rural communities being able to keep each other informed and able to fend off these arson attacks.

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We can also anonymously exchange dick pics here. Send me yours

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Because fires 'were started by certain groups'

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