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Do not give any jewy company your money. If your kids want to watch disney BS, acquire it by other means.

I run a nextcloud server using freenas. Also plex.

I use kodi to watch shit.

I try to avoid linking direct articles but instead archive it with archive.org first so they can't change it or get traffic.

If I have to link jewtube, I just put hook in like hooktube.

Protonmail is cool.

Remember get everyone you know questioning why we give 4 billion a year to Israel instead of using that money on our elderly.

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Idk, protonmail did not work for me. It kept giving me an error

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Protonmail is no longer private and can be used against you.

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Use a paid privacy email service instead like Proton. Email is easy. Dealing with and preventing being labelled spam is not. Also, look into OwnCloud.

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You can mitigate a lot of your outbound emails going into spam by using reverse MX (PTR) records.

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And then don't get hacked. Because if a spammer ever gets your mail server to do his bidding, even for an hour, everything you've worked for is gone.

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Spam is the only reason I have used gmail for so long. I was building spam blacklist tools back in the 2010's and it was hours of maintenance a week. Proton mail is a good idea.

Edit: it changed good into child? Or a typo.

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I got a domain a few years back and pay a hosting company (1and1, now Ionos) to host it, so I don't have to be bothered with running a web or email server. For about $10 a month, I have as many email addresses as I want and a lot of FTP space if need be.

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Manage permissions in Google accounts. Disable and delete histories and unlink apps.

Manage Android permissions aggressively. Do not give permission for anything you do not require. Try F-Droid for an app store with privacy friendly apps.

Stop using Google search.

Get a new browser. Brave is for me. Also using ungoogled chromium.

Great topic OP!

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Oh yeah I didn't list it but my go to is duckduckgo. Has been since google clearly started lying about their search algos. Testable, obvious lies.

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Stop browsing youtube.

youtube runs at a loss, just adblock mute tab and run in background :^)

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Is there any other Google entities that run on a loss? Is there a way we can bog down their servers by abusing Google drive? Or keep? I heard every key stroke is recorded in keep and docs. Seems like there would be a way to do something to them with that.

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repeatedly upload 4K videos of static to youtube, you can't compress those

[–] Argumentative ago 

no idea, i mainly use youtube for lore vids and some gaming content that makes me chuckle

[–] gazillions ago 

Drone strikes on their HQ.

[–] 25587115? [S] ago 

I am pretty sure they are manipulating my emotions.

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Android without Google play services is basically non functional. Google has been ensuring the operating system doesn't run without it for some time. There are replacement modules you can use, but they do not work well, and they need constant updates as Google does what it can to break them whenever possible. There's so few people trying to avoid using Google play services that it's basically a fight that never catches up.

Yes I've tried everything I could.

You forgot to mention social blocking tools, as there are Google products on almost every web page on the net. And you can't install those anti tracking tools on mobile, at least not that I know of.

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You serious bro?

- OS: https://lineageos.org/

- Google Play Apps: Aurora Store which can be downloaded from F-Droid App (https://f-droid.org/)

As for web browsing without Google, try Firefox

- Privacy Badger addon

- Decentral Eyes

- uBlock Origin

- Ghostery

- uMatrix - I gave up on using this but it will work if you go full autist

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Https everywhere

Ghostery free is fine, you don't need premium.

Privacy badger is awesome.

Brave is an easy alternative I like.

I have fired Firefox, can't deal with it anymore.

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You should try Firefox, it is the best, I can promise you that you wont regret moving from chrome to firefox. On a side note using Thunderbird as a mail client is also recommended

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Lineage os are Google cucks. You cannot even install Google play services-alternatives without hacking their ROMs. They are fucking pathetic. They claim it's because they don't want Google to sue them by allowing spoofing, which is the only way to get around installing Google play services.

I'm not taking about Google play "bro" I'm talking about Google play services.

I'm familiar that there are alternative browsers to Chrome. That has nothing to do with my post at all. I'm familiar with and recommend ublock origin with 3rd party blockers enabled, what I said was that you cannot install it on mobile.

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You can do 1-4 in a single day. So, what are the results?

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done - done - not quite yet - smth different - done

seriously, the real problem is, that whole internet is organised as soviet economy was - just change few names and details and you're there... and from 2010 on, more of econ. activities in the world was the first time in history done on internet/online than offline in classic way... so it's hard to have healthy gesellschaft , if basic platform for it is commie in it's very essence.

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slowly working this too...

I'm looking into "mailcow" for mail server, self hosting

ironically ... check out Luke Smith (lukesmith.xyz) on youtube... has some other good demos i've been working through myself.

It's a lot of work, but learning some valuable stuff.

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