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Funding, aiding and abetting an armed uprising against the nation is literally and legally treason.

Nothing will change until there are appropriate consequences for the executives and leaders of companies and organizations which are complicit in this insurrection, as well as the public servants who have protected and failed to prosecute them. They're not just going to punish themselves on your behalf. And any individual's actions are easily dismissed if they don't have the support of loud and motivated masses.

So anyone who wants to see real change better start getting comfortable with the idea of rolling up their sleeves, organizing with others, rousing the rabble, and making things happen.

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Two things:

“Under fire” is a relative term. The masses are not flaming out on Facebook’s practices.

The author says the Antifa group should be protected as free speech.. I don’t agree. While the line is fuzzy, as with everything in a democracy, there is a line to be had. Yelling “fire” in a theater has been decided as not being protected as free speech because of the intention to do harm. Antifa’s speech is no different.

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ANtifa is a jewish organization.

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The Code of the League of Defense against Annihilation by Jews

The purpose of this Code is the total annihilation of judaism. The legitimacy of this Code is as counter to Isaiah 60:12 which says that all Gentiles shall serve jews as slaves or perish, utterly wasted.

Any Gentile shall become a Member of this League by swearing an Oath to annihilate judaism.

Upon swearing such an Oath unbroken, all votes due a sworn Member shall immediately be recognized, but all votes of such Member shall be destroyed upon death or disloyalty, yet no vote once destroyed shall ever be recognized again.

A Member shall as Defiler have 1 vote per each Gentile ultimately convinced to join this League by such Member, 10 votes per each jewish baby kidnapped by such Member, and 100 votes per each jewish baby killed or for each jew raped for impregnation or irreversibly sterilized by such Member.

A Member shall as Annihilator have 1 vote for each jew or their servant slain by such Member, 10 votes for each rabbi slain by such Member, 100 votes for each wealthy jew slain by such Member, 1,000 votes for each Chief Rabbi slain by such Member, and 10,000 votes for each jew tortured to death by such Member.

A Member shall as Plunderer have votes equal to the real market value of funds contributed to this League, votes equal to the real market value of jews enslaved by such Member, votes equal to the real market value of plunder stripped from jews, and votes multiplied 100 times by the real market value of jewish artifacts destroyed and religious buildings razed & salted.

The Defilers by majority vote shall appropriate funds in exchange for acts that annihilate judaism.

The Executors by majority vote shall elect the Strategos who shall deliver League funds according to Defiler Appropriation & Plunderer Direction.

The Plunderers by majority vote shall direct Commanders from which Citizens shall choose their direction.

Two of three Member classes shall veto by respective majority vote any Defiler Appropriation, Strategos Delivery, or Plunderer Direction.

This Code shall be suspended upon the perceived total annihilation of judaism but shall restart upon detection of jewry.