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Devil’s Advocate: What if you’re using FB solely to drop redpills to normies and wake them up? I’ve seen firsthand how many private right-wing FB groups will organize raids on comment sections of popular left-wing posts and manipulate the algorithm to get massive redpills pushed to the top of the section for hours before the censors get to it. This has the effect of spreading our message to millions of eyes, and even if just 1% research further, that’s thousands converted by a successful raid.

Surely there’s value to “pulling more people out of the Matrix,” right?

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Understandable. You have to be really clever about it otherwise the censors will slap you down swiftly (it’s happened to my FB accounts more times than I can count). The trick is usually to drop breadcrumbs that lead people to find the redpill themselves without posting it outright. Also, a VPN will help with the IP bans.

It is getting harder and harder though, because censors have caught on, and now they’re banning these “proto-redpill” breadcrumbs as well. There probably will come a time where it becomes completely impossible to wake people up out of Leftbook due to language-policing and censorship making any “wrongthink” impossible to post. At that time, I’m totally on board with deleting all accounts. But as long as I can reach a few people, I’ll keep trying.