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People who use face book, same as baby rapists in my book.

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Came here to say the same. If you know facebook & twitter allow child porn, death threats & racism against whites, censorship of conservatives etc & still have an account you're complicit as fuck

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Devil’s Advocate: What if you’re using FB solely to drop redpills to normies and wake them up? I’ve seen firsthand how many private right-wing FB groups will organize raids on comment sections of popular left-wing posts and manipulate the algorithm to get massive redpills pushed to the top of the section for hours before the censors get to it. This has the effect of spreading our message to millions of eyes, and even if just 1% research further, that’s thousands converted by a successful raid.

Surely there’s value to “pulling more people out of the Matrix,” right?

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true we all have shadow accounts in their database anyways no need to give them more

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This nigger dick loving fag deserves to be hung. And mark zuckerberg little faggot Jew should be called out for supporting baby rapists. Enough is enough.

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All people matter right? Wake up folks, society never blossomed under that rule.

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Jesus Christ, do you really need to be told? Fuck facebook, delete it and never look at another thing on it. It's bullshit.

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He transformed his DNA taking that nigger semen up his ass. That shit absorbs into your body. You all can laugh but his matrix code has been niggerfied. RIP faggot

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Facebook is guilty of the crime of enabling the exchange of pedophile content and by not taking down that pedo rapist's account signals that Facebook supports pedophile activity.

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Kyle moralizes facebook's enemies and demoralizes their allies. Of course they banned him.

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