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How many years ago? I remember back in the day where you needed to load Windows drivers through ndiswrapper to get most wireless cards to work right, and then sometimes you couldn't get WEP or WPA working right anyway. Those days are long gone.

I recently switched several laptops to Linux. the first distribution, Zenwalk, loaded the wireless cards without a problem. I decided to switch to Gentoo (no really, I'm just a masochist at heart) and found that the wireless card support in that was just a straight forward as the rest of the hardware.

Maybe with the newest hardware you might run into some issues, but with anything at least a few months old, the support is there.

I'm pissed at a combination of Microsoft and my network admins at work right now. I have software that requires access to the registry to work right and the domain admins keep trying to block access to it. Why the fuck, in 2015, should I have to take days to learn what the hell happened to my system and get it fixed (the admins didn't send a notice stating that they were making a change and were completely unresponsive) ... That's my rant though, most people don't seem to run into that type of problem