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Fucking glorious. I'm not a fan of gay bears or crypto kikes but patreon getting fucked is awesome news

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owen benjamin is an admited 1/8th jew. i fight with faggot cheebooga a fake white nationalist who is a jew who lies about owen.. owen i dont agree with everything but he absolutely names the jew and would more but he keeps getting kicked off everything qhen he does. he pushes for whites to have babies to get out of urban areas and farm and get out of jew debt.

[–] we_kill_creativity ago 

Yeah, but everyone who is successful is obviously one of them!!!!!!11

Which makes it hard for me to understand how any of us can/is going to be successful. Seems like a mindset that leads to perpetual losing, but that's just my opinion...

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This doesn't mean they lost the lawsuit. It just means their injunction was denied and now they go to arbitration. It could still easily rule in Patreon's favor. After all, Benjamin could be seen as trying to extort Patreon for coming at them first with the 3.5 million dollar figure, and then corralling a hundred of his fans to file litigation on his behalf for tortious interference. They had to change the terms of their suit to reflect there was no contract between Owen and his patrons, so that whole gambit is out. Basically the entire suit now rests on fraudulent practice claims.

Although Patreon's TOS prevented the formation of a class, I would still suspect that if this goes against Patreon, a class is going to be formed anyway, namely because it is common sense that the nature of the damages/complaints (whatever) are all of the same substance - they are all basically suing because Patreon cut them off from a creator they liked. I am not a lawyer, obviously. But I highly doubt any arbitrator is going to let 100 identical suits be treated separately.

If you want to learn something about Benjamin and ol' Teddy Spaghetti....look into the lawyer they have representing the 72 bears in this arbitration. Spoiler: its the attorney for all of the biggest porn companies. Seriously.

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It's like watching two people you hate duke it out in a barfight. Well, except that lawyers get to reap all of the rewards.

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He's not crypto jew he is openly jewish

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He names the jew openly and with extreme vigor. More than anyone on this site. What more do you people want? His grandmother on his dad's side was 1/4 jewish. Making him 1/16th. Even to jews that doesn't make you jewish.

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you fucking lying kikes on here. he has admitted to being 1/8th jewish you fucking shill kikes hating on a man naming the jew and their evil ways its obvious. let me take a guess he is gay too with his 2 kids wife and another on the way

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Jews keep claiming this.

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(((Mastercard))) is pulling the strings of Patreon.

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Well, he will put patreon out of business for fucking up the wording on the Patreon's ToS re arbitration.

Doesn't change anything, though.

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The sound of shekels falling out of their bag is music to my ears.

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They should have just let him keep his account

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They should have done the reasonable thing

First time dealing with kikes?

[–] tallarn ago 

Is Patreon run by Jews?

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fuck patreon. They are fascist fucks. Paypal - the jew hive - is next.

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Don't forget to send spirit crushing emails of righteousness and gloaterings

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Non of those arbitration payments will go to Owen Benjamin apparently.

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Not the point. He's making Patreon bleed.

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Not necessarily. Patreon could still win and recover all of those costs from Owen's patrons. This could easily fuck them in the ass.

And in the middle of the entire fucking debacle (mind you, neither Owen or Teddy were even showing up for the web meetings for the hearings), Owen is trying to raise $1.5 million dollars from his fans to buy himself a 200 acre ranch in Idaho. He is literally asking for 5,000 separate $400 donations from his fans so he can buy a house. He is promising people the chance to come stay for a week, yet if you read the disclosure statements on the donation website it protects Owen from having to honor any of the promises he is making. He has 100 of his supporters in a place that isn't good right now, and he is trying to raise money for who? Himself.

I think he is going too far on this one. He has 100 of his fucking fans in arbitration with a major company. He isn't even showing up for the fucking hearings. And he is asking for 1.5 million dollars to buy himself a massive property. Mind you, he makes loads more money than all of his fans already, from their subscriptions to Unauthorized.

I used to like the guy a lot, but this is just straight grifter bullshit. He talks about Christ all of the time, but I don't think Jesus begged for money, or sought representation from shysters - much less modern porno industry attorneys.

Go look into the lawyer he has representing his fans. He was hooked up with the lawyer through Mike Cernovich, and it is a porn lawyer. He represents all of the major porn companies.

The irony is incredible.

Lastly, he has also been pressuring people to make their $400 donations because there are already offers on the property. Several people have called the representing agent and found there were zero offers at the time Owen was making the claim.

This dude is a fucking hack, and the question marks were always there. But the cat is out of the bag.

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