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✡Gabbai✡ is no better. Talking does nothing.

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A few things I've been saying for a long time:

  • Right-wingers are a big part of these platforms and if they were to stop giving these leftist platforms their business, they would lose significant value. On top of that, you should be giving RWers your business, and only RWers, as reasonably possible (some things you will have to go through leftist scum). Many of us hoped Trump would lead the way, but we all know how that turned out.

  • There's no battle on Twitter or FB. Largely because you guys are only trying to win over liberals rather than winning over open-minded people, but also because of the censorship. We're better off having the battle over on our turf where we can't be censored.

And before anyone mentions it: this is not an endorsement of Gab and nowhere did I state that people should join Gab. I'm not even on Gab, fwiw, although I do occasionaly check what John Rivers and so on are saying.

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If you all left these leftist marxist websites that they've convinced you cant live without they would all collapse

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Thanks Gabbai, shaloms! Mazel to the tov and shaloms to the mitzvah!

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I miss Gab on Twatter. I've got a pretty good #TrudeauCrimeMinister echo-chamber going over there, tho...

I DO like Gab's "Dissenter"; uncensored commenting on any website is pretty damn awesome. Although, I did prefer the extension to having to install a whole browser.

I LOVE VOAT most of all, but I'm worried it got hijacked...

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The inclusive corporate gay fascist is the worst.

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Picture does not exist?

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Works for me and I also tried it out in a private tab to make sure it wasn't my cache. 🤷‍♂️