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Maybe because western hosts want the left to dominate where as China needs both sides to fight to the death?

Maybe as long as your content is inflammatory enough?

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The ADL & SPLC threatens US companies to deplatform sites like DailyStormer, or else the company will be smeared as anti-semitic, executives will be doxed, and their families won't be safe because Antifa will terrorize their homes.

Sort of like how Tucker Carlson had to move to a new house, after NY Times doxed his home address, and Antifa kept attacking his home, and issuing death threats.

It's also the same tactic that caused Red Ice TV to recently lose their payment processor.

That sort of smear / dox / antifa attack strategy won't work against companies in China.

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You are safe in Communist China, goy

The CCP has no control over what private companies do here


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True. So fucked up

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RED ICE have been peddling false "nordicist" narratives for a long time - which actually benefits the Afrocentrics. Fake science is what turned me off from them. Debunked by plenty of real intellectual Eurocentrists. Although it's fucked up that bankers went against them, I still hate them too.

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China wants Chinese to win. Russia wants Russians to win. The US does not want Americans to win.

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Same thing applies to cell phones. If you don't want to be spied on by the US government, just buy Chinese.

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I think there is a simpler explanation: Daily Stormer is willing to pay to have the site hosted, American tech cucks won't do it for political reasons, chinks don't care, as long as they get paid. It's the global market at work, ironically against the interests of globalists.

This is the reality of China: Money over everything, unless the CCP is involved and forces something.

I don't think anyone in China really cares about the Daily Stormer. Whether it strengthens or destabilizes the US, it's probably not even a blip on the radar for the CCP. Who knows how long this fragile setup will last, it's based on the whims of the CCP. Just don't expect anything China-critical from the Daily Stormer now, or it will be gone instantly.

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There are other places that would host for the Daily Stormer but the problem is they will get cut off from payment services which they need.

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This is all that it is. And Anglin's dismissal of the CCP as less authoritative than the US State stems simply from the way he was treated. There are a lot of costumed nazi, anti-christian types who rip on Anglin constantly, they always fall back on his dismissal of the CCP as proof of his subversiveness. But if I had a website that was literally BANNED in the US and the Chinese took my money, guess which one is more free?

[–] squishysquid ago 

sillier than hosting

dns is the thing that makes the word "dailystormer.su" take you to their computer.

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How can you be prowhite without being China critical?

You would have to pretend that China isn't behind the UN and WHO and invasion of every White Country.

Also that they don't monitor data on every American much less Americans visiting a Chinese hosted website. Nothing in China goes unnoticed. You guys have more people monitoring the Internet then we have population in the US.

But that was a very plausible explanation otherwise.

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The world is fucked as soon as the majority of Chinese figure out China is being destroyed because too many of their military questioned Jewish Control of America and made their own plans to replicate it.

Right now most Chinese admire Jews as exemplars to mimic for business success. That will change as they see their progress reverted and China further destroyed.

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That's why they have a bunch of niggers impregnating Chinese women, to have half breeds to rule over Africa

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That's "clown world" in Chinese.


That's jew clown world.

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Next question...why do they have facebook login javascript active when you load the site? honeypot anyone? hulllooo/???? (used to also have linkedin)

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It isnt white supremacists band the knee.

It is China. They are super racist. They sympathize with the movement especially because others do not.

They know exactly who they are hosting and why.

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I don't know if China "sympathizes" with white nationalists. It's more likely strategic.

With the recent Iran - China partnership, the chessboard is shaping up to have two sides:

  1. Israel, Zionist-controlled US Government, Saudi Arabia.

  2. Iran, China, Assad, maybe Russia.

If those are the two sides, then it's in China's interest to support any Americans who are critical of Israel, AIPAC, zionists. And that would mean supporting white nationalists like DailyStormer.

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Lol that's missing a few players. India, Australia, Taiwan, etc...

What are you up to with this astro turfing?

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Do them a favour and don't publicize how they manage to stay online. It might encourage more attacks on them.

[–] John_B_14 [S] 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

The simple whois search is something even a non-techie can do. That public info isn't going to help an actual hacker, whose technical sophistication goes way beyond a simple whois search.

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And how deep are you? And on which side?

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Why do you think this was posted in the first place?

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How about you do me a favor and send me a pic your dick

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i.... would trust that about as much as i trust a chinese mobile phone.

its all connected to the chinese government.

even when its 'not'

it is.

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They were originally shutdown by the russian censors for their content, but now they're back on the SU (soviet union) TLD and are allowed to be hosted by the CCP. The CCP also gives money and drugs to antifa. Remember how hard they shilled unite the right? They were also heavily pro-putin and pro-duterte. And what ever happened to (((weev)))?

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Dailystormer is a clown op. Fuck them

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DOMAIN REGISTRATION, not mere DNS server. Anyone can run a DNS server.

Its ERANET in hong kong, ERANET mentioned here on voat for free speech sites for many years.

[–] John_B_14 [S] 0 points 1 point (+1|-0) ago 

No, DailyStormer.name was with Eranet in HK. That worked ok for a while, but then something happened with Eranet, and Anglin had to start migrating to DailyStormer.su.

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